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wedding 3





17094142_385810025109722_33732500_n  Auditorium   17101816_385809931776398_241389793_n  Front Hallway

17094050_385809968443061_1261269328_nauditorium with tables

12196258_783415135137372_904702585596681614_n Wedding Reception   12193862_783415101804042_2089420170765706054_n


signSign 17094166_385809911776400_184195436_n  Elvis Suit on display by Nicky Harris

17093871_385809988443059_265240803_nhallway                17092296_385809961776395_2024653494_n     outsid

17094142_385810025109722_33732500_n   Auditorium  minnie   Chad Delph & Angie as Minie Pearl 16179683_10208566671867724_5646984559116561540_o  Tribute to Elvis featuring Nicky Harris & The Band with Alan Vick

15380802_10206513616993892_8926960446856524615_n Chad Delph & The Country Revivers & The Tar Heel Singers


16426116_373728642984527_6073573661409051853_n   The Blues Brothers, Landon & Nikki Lewis

16425876_1815374265381197_1248034743278274287_nDana , Angie & Jeff    15337427_10206513634914340_5521806535574705322_n

Christmas Time At Tar Heel.  Jeff Williamson, Angie Lewis  & Brian Williiamson

17078148_385810041776387_468883044_n        Set up for Wedding


unnamed (1)  Chad delph & The country Revivers  15327379_10206513636114370_1817805990788254645_n   Brian Williamson

Jeff  Jeffrey Williamson  As George Jones



16797999_10206402800347795_5401997131642797470_o   The Tar Heel Singers  15338697_10206513617193897_5821749935124596392_n



prom2 Prom 2015   prom 7


prom 1


prom 8    Prom        wedding 3 Wedding Reception

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